Signage is a crucial aspect of advertising your business and keeping it in the limelight. When it comes to property signs, there are various options to choose from, but very few that are as visible, impressive, and eye-catching as monument signs.

What are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are exterior freestanding structures that are suitable for a range of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, business centers. You can also install them at the entrance of industrial complexes, retail locations, apartments, gas stations, hospitals, educational institutions, and more.

How to Design Effective Monument Signs

These structures are large and impressive, making them eye-catching. They can be used to list a single business or multiple ones for a commercial complex. Since these features are entirely customizable, you can choose everything from the shape, size, height, material style, type of lettering, etc.

In addition, you can decide what kind of lighting you want the monument sign to have, as this will increase their visibility. However, you need to design them well, so they have the intended impact. Some design aspects to keep in mind while planning monument sign design include:

  • Make sure that the size of the sign is proportionate to the space it is to be installed in. If you have a large entryway to your property, you will want a larger structure. Sometimes, the sign might hold the names of multiple businesses in a commercial center; in this case, you will need a bigger sign too.
  • Pick the material wisely so that the structure complements the setting and architectural styling of the building and other installations on the property. You can use materials such as brick, natural stone, concrete, and metal. Many people opt for combination materials for the best effect, and skilled designers can create unique designs.
  • You can decide whether you want the style of the monument sign to be classic, modern, rustic, or contemporary. Again, this aspect should be based on the architectural style of the building/s on the property.

When you contact us with your requirements for monument sign design, the final product will be in line with your needs. We offer the best graphic design services, making sure that the overall style, layout, and appearance of the structure match your needs. We also offer a variety of signage lighting solutions to make your sign more visible at any time of day.