Storefront signs draw attention and ensure the shop has a good brand presence. They’re visible to everyone that passes by the establishment, which means interesting designs can encourage people to step inside. It is a good idea to work with an experienced professional for storefront sign design. They will ask questions about your brand, industry, customers, and competitors before recommending the best options. This post offers a few tips on how to have a good first impression on people passing by:

Choosing the Right Sign

The first step is to choose the right sign materials and placement. It is a good idea to choose something durable and resilient. Pick a material that can handle your local weather conditions well and still provide good visibility. For example, if your region receives a lot of snow every winter, make sure the storefront sign can handle it. That doesn’t just ensure your sign is durable, it also ensures it looks presentable at all times.

Make sure the storefront sign is of the right size and doesn’t overwhelm the façade. If the sign is too big, it will stand out for all the wrong reasons. If it is too small, it won’t catch any attention from prospective customers.

Place the fixture in a highly visible location. Make sure it is visible from different angles and still readable from a distance. For example, if you want vehicles passing by to notice the sign, avoid placing it behind trees or bushes. 

Choosing the Right Design Elements

Pick the best storefront sign design elements to get good results. There are several things to focus on when planning the sign:

  • The tone and spirit of your brand
  • Color and texture of the sign
  • Font
  • Logo and brand images
  • The layout of the sign
  • Spacing between different elements

The sign should be an accurate and honest representation of your brand. It should match the company’s aesthetic and fit in with the store façade as well. If there’s no smooth flow between the store décor and storefront sign, prospective customers will have a poor impression of your company.

Visit the home page of a reliable signage company to find the best storefront sign design. Look at the signage manufacturer’s online reputation, explore their website, and consider their past work before hiring them. Storefront signs are one of the most visible promotional materials on your store. You need to make sure they are of good-quality and convey the right message.