Vehicle Wraps

Infinite Signs & Graphics creates eye-catching vehicle wraps to improve your business visibility and get your brand noticed!

Custom wraps and graphics have a lower cost per impression than any other marketing method. Your marketing message is seen everywhere you and your staff travel, whether you are delivering goods, visiting clients in their home, or simply running errands or stuck in traffic. As experts in the Art of Being Seen, our team knows how to get maximum visibility for your marketing message and brand. We are here to help you with all aspects of the car wrapping process, from design to installation, for any number or type of vehicles your business uses.

wrap infographic

Flexible Design

Individual vinyl graphics are flexible enough to be used for business promotion or identification. Because car vinyl graphics are cut into the shape of the image that you want to put on your car, they won’t have a completely flush look like full or partial wraps.

However, this provides increased flexibility in the design, allowing for updating, moving and changes without impacting the other design elements. You’ll be able to add to your car or take away from the graphic as your business needs or marketing message changes.

Grey Truck wrap

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