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Join Companies worldwide who are experiencing the unsurpassed benefits INFINITE is bringing to their organizations and their customers.

Due to standardization of our  system, ease of design and inventory management are leading factors making INFINITE the perfect choice.

The benefits carry onto the tradeshow and event floor resulting from lower labor costs due to unique tool-less installations, lower drayage and freight bills and flexibility in frame coverings.

Customers are utilizing the INFINTE’s system in tradeshows, events, retail, museums, and lobbies, in endless configurations.

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Charging Tables

Wireless Charging Stations with USB Ports

Cell Phones and Tablets are not only indispensable to our lives, but they are also indispensable to trade shows, events, retail environments, and meetings. But charging them can be challenge on the show floor. Attractive and practical Charging Stations attract attention and are popular with attendees (and staff). Most are modular, meaning they disassemble for shipping, but there are a few custom monitor stands that ship fully assembled. Our charging stations come with both wireless and wired options (USB C and A). Don’t see exactly what you want? No problem. We specialize in designing and building workstations and kiosks that meet any need.

When choosing the right charging station, consider how you will use it on the show floor, event, or in a retail setting. Do you own a monitor or graphics? Is it for a permanent installation or a temporary meeting? Do the graphics need to change from event to event? All these options and more are available. Just ask.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Modular and Custom Designs
  • Durable Construction
  • A Wide Range of Prices and Designs
  • Wireless and Wired Solutions (USB A and C)
  • Internal Cord Management
  • Hundreds of Laminate Choices
  • Optional RGB Programmable Lights and Whiteboard Laminate
  • Portable Cases and Custom Crates with Customized Packaging Options
IG-1488 Conference Charging Table
IG-1487 Conference Charging Table
IG-1486 Conference Charging Table
IG-1479 Conference Charging Table
IG-1480 Conference Charging Table
IG-1481 Conference Charging Table
IG-1482 Conference Charging Table
IG-1483 Conference Charging Table
IG-1484 Conference Charging Table
IG-1485 Conference Charging Table

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LED Lightboxes


Light up your space

INFINITE lightboxes can easily be integrated into your space.  Thanks to the handy baseplate, you can also use the lightbox as a stand-alone item. You can choose between a single or double sided lightbox, the single sided version leaving you the opportunity to finish the back with a panel or fabric infill.

No boundaries to your creativity

There is no end to the creative ways in which you can use our lightboxes. From a perfectly aligned lightbox and frame, for a minimal and flawless look, to a unique combination of a number of lightboxes in all shapes and sizes, for a fabulous and eye-catching 3D effect.

Infinite will help design, create and install your project. Get a free quote today.