Wall and Window Graphics

The Infinite Graphix team members aren’t only experts in car wrap design; we also specialize in designing and installing graphics for your wall or window. Wall and Window graphics can be a tasteful interior design choice at home, or a vibrant way to represent your business.

Window Graphics Features

  • Material ranges from temporary use, etched glass look, perforated, or solid vinyl for optimum privacy
  • Option of a temporary or permanent design
  • Window Graphic Pricing ranging from $3 sqft to $6 sqft / Installation starts @ $2sqft

Wall or Floor Graphics Features

  • Materials includes wall paper, outdoor vinyl for applying onto brick, pavement, or stucco
  • Option of a temporary or permanent design
  • Pricing ranging from $3 sqft to $15 sqft / Installation starts @ $2 sqft

Commercial Wall and Window Graphics

Applying wall art is a powerful way to advertise and represent your business. Your customers will be able to more clearly identify your location from the road. Not only that, but you can use wall art to highlight key features of what your store, restaurant, or company offers. Wall art creates ambiance, mood, and branding–demonstrating that you are a legitimate business with a strong identity.

Personal Wall and Window Graphics

Art applied directly onto the wall makes a unique, charming addition to living rooms, bedrooms, or any room of your home. Infinite Graphixs can help you apply a favorite quote, a single graphic, or an entire mural to your wall. Whether you want a mural of a classic, natural landscape or cityscape, or something modern and bold, Infinite Graphix is here to provide artistic feedback and meet your installation needs!

Wall and window graphics are sure to stand out, whether as one-of-a-kind home décor, or a valuable part of your advertisement campaign using graphics and signs. At Infinite Graphix, our vinyl wrap installation experts have over 20 years of experience in wrapping cars and applying vinyl to walls. We’re ready to transform your artistic vision into an eye-catching reality in any room or business space!

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